Ender's Game

Topics: Ender's Game, Ender Wiggin, Speaker for the Dead Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: December 17, 2009
Saba Nematymarch 25, 2009Elements of narrative Ender’s game Narrative voice and point of view- 3rd person, subjective to Ender (Reveals Ender’s feelings throughout novel)-Point of view switches to Valentine on earth and reveals her feelings (subjective)-Most chapters start with a conversation between two unidentified characters, usually colonel Graff and Major Anderson discussing current events-Story mostly follow Ender WigginConflict-Character vs. self - Ender’s internal fear/struggle to being like Peter, a killer-Character vs. self - Ender’s self doubt-Character vs. character - Ender is forced to fight and kill Stilson-Character vs. character - Ender hates Peter-Character vs. Society - The bugger war is being alerted-Character vs. Self - Ender must decide to go to battle school for the society or stay at home-Character vs. character - Ender hates Bernard (launchies)-Character vs. character - Ender vs. Bonzo (rivalry)-Character vs. Other - Ender find difficulty beating the Giant’s drink-Character vs. self - Ender wants to just be a normal kid, but knows the world is depending on him to save the human race-Character vs. society - Ender learns that the IF and Adults are the real enemies and when he needs them they wont be there to help EVER-Character vs. Society - Demosthenes takes down Warsaw pact on the nets-Character vs. self - Valentine hates that she’s helping Peter-Character vs. Others - Ender is hated by all the army commanders because of his new tactics to victory-Character vs. character - Ender hates Mazor Rackham -Character vs. self - Ender suffers from horrible dreams-Character vs. Self - Ender cannot forgive himself for all the deaths that he caused PlotNarrative hook: Ender’s monitor is removed Main exposition: After Ender’s monitor had been removed he goes home and to what awaits him is his brother who hated him. Ender is a third who was only made by the command of the IF. He had a loving sister valentine but his brother wanted him dead. After...
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