Endangered Species and Biodiversity

Topics: Endangered species, Species, Global warming Pages: 6 (2067 words) Published: September 21, 2010

According to Oxford Dictionary, biodiversity means the state of having a large amount of different number of animals and plants which make a balanced environment. Biodiversity is also known as flora and fauna. The meaning of flora is all the plants growing in a particular area while fauna means all the animals of an area or a period of time. Rafflessia for flora while tiger for fauna is a case in point. Crisis on the other hand means a time of great danger or difficulty, the moment when things change and either improve or get worse. This meaning has been taken from the Oxford Dictionary. Thus, biodiversity crisis means the large number of different animals and plants are decreasing or in other word it’s facing extinction or becoming endangered. It also means that the large number of animals and plants are in a great danger.


Some species that are more vulnerable to extinction than others include species at the top of food chains, such as large carnivores. Endemic local species which is a species found in only one geographical area with a very limited distribution, species with chronically small populations, migratory species, species with exceptionally complex life cycles and specialist species with very narrow requirements are also the examples species that are more vulnerable to extinction than others based the website, www.counrysideinfo.co.uk/biodvy.htm . The loses of an individual species may cause different effects on the remaining species in an ecosystem. The effects depend upon how important the species in an ecosystem. Some species can be removed without any apparent effect while the removal of key stone species may have enormous affects on the remaining species. Key stone species is species that will have enormous affects on the remaining species if it is removed.


To prevent the extinction of our biodiversity or endangered species, we shall conserve our biodiversity. But, what is the main reason to conserve it? There are two main reasons why we need to conserve our biodiversity. The first reason is because of ecological reasons and the second is because of the economic reasons. Ecological is chosen as the main reason because currently ecological concern includes world-wide deforestation and global climate change. Forest are not only place for numerous different species habitat but it also plays a critical role in regulating climate. The destruction of forest most of it are because of the burning which will give results in the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere happens for two occasions. Firstly, because plants absorbs carbon dioxide for photosynthesis process, secondly because the burning itself cause the increase of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. This is because carbon dioxide is released during the burning process. This is significant because carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases implicated in the current global warming trend. Global warming did cause the snow and ice cover decreased, deep ocean temperature to increase and the rise of global sea level by 100-200 mm over the last century. Rising of sea levels could drown many of our major cities, extreme weather conditions resulting is drought, flooding and hurricanes. It will also cause changes in the distribution of disease-bearing organisms.

Economic reasons are chosen to be one of the main occasions of the need to conserve our biodiversity because of environmental disasters. Examples of environmental disasters are flood, forest fires and hurricanes that might be caused by directly or indirectly by human activities. All these have dire consequences for the region afflicted. Clean-up bill can increase into billions and the toll of human misery involved. Susceptible regions are often also in the less-developed and poorer nation to be with. Erosion and desertification of land are often the result of...
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