Endangered Species

Topics: Tropical rainforest, Habitat, Forest Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Task 1
With growing population rates, people constantly need more food, room, and water. Our farm, cities, highways and towns are spreading and driving species out of their habitats. Massive farm irrigation can dry up marsh habitats downstream of irrigated areas. Humans also produce and dump toxic chemicals that poison many species and cause them to die. The use of some species for luxury products such as furs, shells, hides, tusks and horns. They fetch extremely high financial returns on the black market as rich collectors will pay vast sums of money for rare items. In some places like California, it is a highly populated and polluted state. This helps cause endangered ecosystems and extinction. Each year 100,000 birds are captured from the rain forests and savannas and sold in the United States. Approximately 60% of them die during smuggling. Task 2

Global biodiversity is being lost much faster than natural extinction due to changes in land use, unsustainable use of natural resources, climate change and pollution among others. Land conversion by humans, resulting in natural habitat loss, is most evident in tropical forests. Pollution from atmospheric nitrogen deposition is most severe in northern temperate areas close to urban centres. All of the plants and animals are tied together into a ‘chain of life’. Plant and animal species make up the backbone of healthy ecosystems such as coastal region, plains, and forests. We rely on these ecosystems to purify our air, clean our water, and supply us with food. Endangered species are species that are having trouble surviving in their natural habitats and will most likely become extinct if an effort to save them is not made. The reasons for the threat of extinction are closely linked to the activities and location of people. Endangered species are found scattered throughout the world. They are frequently located in rainforest areas. This is because approximately one third all the worlds’ species reside in...
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