Endangered species

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In the morning, Rainsford awakes in Zaroff’s comfortable bed. But to his surprise he finds Zaroff sitting on the chair next to the bed pointing a gun straight to his face. With sudden shock Rainsford gets up quickly. Fear filled his whole body, sweat poured down his face, and his body froze. “Walk slowly, don’t make no sudden movement’s son.” Zaroff said calmly, but firm. Walking slowly but steady he crosses the room to the door. He opens the door and walks out with the gun still to his forehead. Sand in between his toes and almost feeling the water coming up. “On your knees!” yelled Zaroff. Hot sun burning on his face even more sweat almost soaking up his face, knees burning up from the sand, he is in the spot of a murder scene soon to happen. “Why are you doing this?” Rainsford asked. “No one ever beaten me and I don’t want you to brag to everyone that you did!” Zaroff replied. Rainsford puts his head down and thinks for a moment then says “What if I just left, but promised not to tell anyone about the game?” Zaroff stood for moment thinking to himself. He steps closer and points the gun closer to his face and says” I’m not taking that chance.” He looks at him for a second than BAM!!!! Zaroff shot a bird down… confused Rainsford looks at Zaroff, he’s laughing? “Oh my gosh!” he said,” I can’t believe you felt for that!!” you should have seen the look on your face!” Rainsford gets up from off his knees with a sudden relief and tries to laugh, but fails. They soon walk back inside and sit down at a table. “Why did you do that?” Rainsford asked still in shock. Zaroff answers “Why not?” They both sat there in silence for a moment then Rainsford gets up faster than a car going a 100 mph and says loud” Take me home!” Zaroff looks up and smiles and says “alright then, I will do that right now” They both walk to a boat and they say there farewells, Rainsford is long gone…
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