Endangered Species

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Topic: Endangered Species
Issue Question: Should Endangered Species be Protected?

Since the appeared of the first life on this planet, numerous species come and go, rendered extinct by natural changes in physical and biological conditions. Because extinction is a natural part of the order, if there are many other species still exist, some people might wonders why or what so unique about the endangered species that large sum of money and effort is spent in order to save and restore them (Why Save Endangered Species? 2005). Endangered species means a population of organisms facing a high risk of become extinct, because it is either in the number of small, or they are threaten by the changing environmental or predation parameters. According to scientist, 99% of the species that have once lived on this earth have become extinct, so some people think that they should just be allowed to extinct, since it is part of the evolution anyway. Yet, some of the many specific reasons to invest money and effort into actions to conserve species threatened by extinction include the benefits of natural biodiversity, ecosystem service, and contributions to medicine, agriculture, and industry.

Protecting an endangered species can cost a lot of money. Believe it or not, the Pacific Legal Association, in association with Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC), released a study that shows the incredible cost of Endangered Species Act. Based on their research, The FWS state that the federal and state expenditures amounted $610.3 million but PERC reckoned that the actual cost is 4 times greater which equal to around of $ 2.4 billion. When sum up with the private cost of government spending, the total can easily reach or exceed $ 3.5 billion per year causing peoples to lost their jobs, businesses, homes, farms, and even their lives in order to protect the endangered species. Even So the Endangered Species Act has proven to be pretty penny and devastating failure as only 15 were delisted among the 1260 US species in Dec 2003 because of the mistake listing them as endangered species. Environmentalism becomes the anonyms of our nation economy but rather a diseased tumor that take away lives, jobs, and the rights of private property owners (Alan 2004). For instance, the ESA has been used to lock up vast of land area for commodity use and depriving the property of the owners without repayment. Besides, the money used on protecting the endangered species should be used to improve the quality life of peoples and building schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure projects. Thus, there will be more job opportunities which can benefits mankind economically.

In addition, the endangered species should allowed to extinct, since according to Darwin theory, species that did not manage to survive because of the changing environments or bear the competition of other species faced utter destruction. Likewise, George Cuvier found the bones undisputed of those elephants living in Africa and India is different from the elephant fossil he found near Paris, even the fossil elephant of Siberia. Later, he studied many other large mammals fossils and discover that they did not belong to any species alive today. Fossil evidence led him to suggest that a sudden change on a regular basis through the Earth each time of which can eliminate a number of species so as new species is gradually formed. The extinction resembles the great turning point of life as a new species groups will only have the opportunity to take over the old shrine. Mammals, for example, only occupy the land after the giant dinosaurs of the Cretaceous – Tertiary extinction period 65 million years disappeared. In other words, human are the children of extinction (Understanding Evolution n.d). Indeed, there is already 99 percent of the past species that existed on earth are extinct due to the “survival of the fittest” that has been going on since the beginning of the first life...
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