Endangered Species

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Endangered Species
Endangered species is a broad issue, one that involves the habitats and environments where species reside and intermingle with one another. Some measures are being taken to help specific cases of endangerment, but the question I have is should the Endangered Species Act be strengthened. The universal problem cannot be fixed until us as humans protect the natural environments where endangered species live. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is one of the most popular and successful environmental laws that was ever enacted. As Americans we have committed to work jointly to protect and return those species that are mainly at risk of extinction. Humans have always been a part of nature, unfortunately the natural systems we depend on are in jeopardy, and plants and animals everywhere are becoming extinct. In the U.S., hundreds of plant and animal species, including the eastern elk, the passenger pigeon, and the California grizzly bear, have become extinct since the time of the first European settlements. The bald eagle, grizzly bear, and the red-bellied cooter have all increased in population as a result of the federal programs. Scientists calculate approximately that 539 species have gone vanished in the United States in the past 200 years. The Endangered Species Act presents us with anticipation that we can not only slow these extinctions but also bring back our native wildlife.

The ESA provides common sense and unbiased resolution for government agencies, landowners, and concerned citizens to care for and restore endangered species and their habitat. It is based on three key elements- listing species as threatened or endangered, designating habitat necessary for their continued existence and resurgence, Species p. 3

and in the end restoring healthy populations of the species so they can be removed from the list. The security afforded by the ESA presently extends to over 1,259 species, and most of them have totally improved,...
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