Endangered Marine Species

Topics: Marine biology, Endangered species, Ocean Pages: 4 (975 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Endangered Marine Species

Topic: Marine mammal extinction and endangered species.
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the causes, protection programs and possibilities for future protection for endangered species. Thesis: Endangered marine animals are in need of protection and awareness; many people need to understand the origins of endangerment, what animals are being affected and what is already being done to help our marine life. Introduction

I. Have you ever thought about how important marine life is important to our ecosystem? II. Isn’t it important to do the best we can to preserve those diverse creatures and protect them? III. A handful of you may have heard of the current problems with our marine species, how they are becoming extinct and how nothing is being done to protect the ones that remain. IV. Their significance in protecting our marine environment and being aware of the causes, animals affected and ways to continue protecting them could create a healthier environment to which every species can thrive. V. Today I will explain the foundations of how some different species became endangered, programs that are succeeding in protecting these animals and other things that we could do to make a difference in a marine animal’s life. Transition: What is the first step in helping endangered marine animals? I. Endangered marine animals are usually endangered because of many different factors and to know the problem is know the solution. A. “Commercial Hunting is the single most important factor in the historic decline of marine mammals” (seaweb.org, Ocean Issue Briefs). 1. Many different species have still not yet recovered from the effects of past hunting. B. “Fishing has been a great problem and there has been efforts to reduce the incidental intake of marine mammals.” C. Environmental pollution such as pesticides and industrial chemicals and by-products are considered to be having some impact on at least some species and populations....

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