Endangered Animals of the Us

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Numerous innocent animals have been wrongly shot, starved, tortured, clubbed, and slaughtered by humans, thus creating the endangerment of certain species. Two examples of these endangered animals include Bighorn Sheep and Cougars (mountain lions, pumas, panthers) (United States Endangered Species List, 2001). When half the earth covered with trees(Sherrow, 1995), animals were able to enjoy life; the roaming Mountain Lion could scout around miles and miles without ever meeting humans and Bighorn sheep could run around carefree without fear of man. Now, only one fifth of the world is covered with trees due to the actions of human beings (Sherrow, 1995). Mountain Lions and other wild animals have little room to live where they will not be disturbed by humans. This is also true for the Bighorn Sheep, who are now butchered and put up on walls as decoration. Many other animals are also being mistreated, causing their species to go extinct despite the numerous Endangered Species Acts. Though 34,000 seems like a great number, there are different veiws at the quantity when the number stands for the population of a species. Bighorn sheep only have a population of this size in the US (1998). This number is divided amongst the mountains of 12 US states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and 490 more in Oregon (Twill and Geist, 1999). As seen below, the desert bighorn sheep are located in seven states of the US. The constant changes of this desert mammal have not been going at a balanced rate.

(Dale, 1999)
Desert Bighorn sheep are commonly found in the 7 states, listed above, in high altitudes, as seen below. Fortunately the bighorn sheep seem to be growing in population throughout these areas.

(Dale, 1999)

The list of the causes of oodles of animals becoming endangered goes on forever. Some of the main causes include mining, other plant/animal extinction, pollution, hunting and the destruction of forests (Endangered Species, 1998). On January 3, 2005, Congress declared;

”various species of fish, wildlife, and plants in the United States have been rendered extinct as a consequence of economic growth and development untempered by adequate concern and
(Endangered Species Act of 1973)
With the quote above, Congress admitted the US economy added to wildlife suffrage in an undeserving way. Pollution involves litter, and global warming, both of which are quite dangerous for wildlife, especially around human environments. Garbage is not safe; garbage can hurt a creature if they play with it. Trash can also have poison on it, so if an animal tastes it, it will get severely ill or else die. Mountain Lions or other meandering cats exploring country neighborhoods might stumble upon thrown out medicine, and start licking it, thus, intoxicating themselves. Sea life would be killed, too, if trash with poison on it were put into bodies of water. Global warming causes rising sea levels. Animals like crocodiles and sea turtles, need land near water to lay their eggs and to bask. With the mounting seawater, they have fewer areas to do so. Bighorn Sheep have horns that curl over 50 inches in length on their strong heads. Even though they are holding beautiful protective helmets on, these wooly animals probably wish, more than anything, that they had no such thing on their head. This is not because of their weight, but because of the wonderful trophy it makes for a human hunter. Americans call the bighorn sheep the best trophy a sportsman can get. The sheep also has very tasty meat. Bighorn Sheep can earn a human up to 60,000 dollars on the black market in the US(Urban Poaching, 2007). Officials of California, realized that there was a collapse of the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, and quickly started programs to help reproduction of them. The programs were appearing to be a success; the bighorn sheep population rose from 250, in the 1970s,...
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