Endangered Animal Tapir

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Endangered animal Tapir
A tapir is a large browsing mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile snout. Tapirs inhabit jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. There are four species of Tapirs: the Brazilian Tapir, the Malayan Tapir, Baird's Tapir and the Mountain Tapir. All four species of tapir are classified as endangered or vulnerable. Their closest relatives are the other odd-toed ungulates, including horses and rhinoceroses. English name:Malayan Tapir

Perissodactyla, Tapiridae
Tapirus Indicus

The Malayan Tapir has a special black and white pattern. They are good swimmers, and live in forests where there is water. But the forests have become smaller and smaller, and the Malayan tapirs are in trouble. Size and weight

Body length: 180-250cm
Tail length: 5-10cm
Weight: 250-540kg
Where they live They live around water in forests in South-East Asia. What they eat
Malayan tapir eat grass and nuts, water plants, and fruits. They put food in their mouths using their noses, just like an elephant.

Young Malayan tapirs have length-wise stripes. The pattern looks the same as young wild boars. It makes them very hard to see in the dark, or around trees.

A black and white pattern that hides them from enemies
Malayan Tapirs have black and white sections like the Giant Panda. You'd think it would make them stand out, but tigers and other predators have a hard time finding them. Malayan Tapirs go out at night, so predators can only see the white parts of them. Predators can't see their shape. They look relaxed, but can run away very quickly if in trouble. If they see a predator, they quickly hide under water. The forests are disappearing...

Malayan Tapirs are skilled swimmers that live in forests where there is water. The forests are disappearing. Living in small numbers in small forests, it's hard to find food. They're also have trouble on finding mates. Their numbers are...
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