End Standardized tests

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Schaff, P.
Comp. I
24 Mar. 2014

End to Standardized Testing

Standardized testing was originally created to measure students’ performance and progress. In recent years, the public school system has relied heavily on the information this test provides, in doing so creating controversy. The debate over standardized testing has raised an inquiry question: What are the effects of standardized testing on the United States public education system? Students are taught only to pass tests, Standardized tests are not a true indicator of knowledge, and there are several missed opportunities for one on one teaching.

Testing of America’s students using standardized questions are only taught to pass to tests being measured, there is no emphasis on basic education. In simply teaching the information on the tests, students miss out on real information they will need in the future; college and the real life will not need them to know generic testing information. Although proponents have stated that standardized testing supports consistency in the class room, as teachers need to follow a set curriculum to ensure students are

educated on the specific test subjects that are measured, this only perpetuates the focus on teaching to pass the Standardized tests.
Critics of the NAEP state that this type of testing is not a true indicator on the progress of students. Too be able to measure this progress over time, testing at an individual level is required. Critics argue that standardized testing does not help teachers, if teachers are not careful there is potential to bypass critical learning in favor of teaching with the goal to ensure the students have the knowledge required to pass the specific questions, and subjects the NAEP measures.

The three types of testing are currently administered by using separate examinations, sampling of students, and data collection methods. The main national testing measures nationwide achievement, taking into consideration...
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