End of the Year Poem

Topics: Rihanna, High school, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: December 27, 2010
Some things that I’ve learned my sophomore year is to never trust a girl and don’t listen to your peers to only lewd yourself and only trust your ears to turn your tunnel vision on and block out distractions near. The future is easy because it doesn’t exist but the past is hard because it last forever. We should all accolade ms page for helping us learn but besides her girls just never do learn. Like when you say you’re gonna call them back but then fall asleep then we get cussed out talking about “you don’t love me!” man I’m sick of these females yelling and screaming talking about buy me this with their guise false appearance but when it comes to appearance let me bring up ms page because when you say “excuse me” your excused all the way! Man…… there was this one day when you were wearing some jeans… but I can’t talk about that because I’m only sixteen. But if I go back to the very first of school I wasn’t even nervous to come back and see the same ghetto fools. If hairs be wires, black wires that grow on her head. Oh it’s just another flame girl representing Bankhead man at this school you can her a ghetto girl strolling with their blatant voice and the hot cheetto smell rolling but since I said rolling let’s roll on to us guys because there is no need to front we all told are girlfriends lies. Whether its “girl you are the best” or “you’re the love of my life” and then two weeks later we are mad because they wouldn’t let us inside. I know what you’re thinkin and that’s not what I’m talking. I’m speaking on this curfew that has all cops jockin I can’t even walk through the mall any more without some cop stopping me asking if I came on my own. It’s crazy! I can’t even go to the movies anymore with them saying “it’s too late” and now they ruined my date. 10th grade has been jaded and got me tired and worn out I can’t even eat birthday cake without some crazy student trying to shove it in my mouth. One thing shoved in my face were these vocab words the books...
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