End of Course Essay

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Student Course Reflection
Dominique Etier
May 19, 2013
Rachel Andrews

Going to college is a excellent opportunity to have and receiving my degree will pay off in the end. I have had so many different experiences while I have been in college online. I have gotten the chance to meet different people and hear their sides of many types of information, I have learned to manage my time better by using different strategies and I have learned to make goals both academically, professionally, and personally. I believe the long term results of completing a degree in higher education is giving you the opportunity to excel in your professional life. Having a degree in higher education opens so many doors that would be closed if I did not have one. The value of obtaining a degree in higher education is that I am going to have a career working in a field that I can succeed in and have the opportunity to be considered for a higher position. Obtaining my degree in higher education will also help me be someone my children can look up to and want to follow in my footsteps.

Having the opportunity to be in a collaborative learning environment can help you in many ways. Collaborating with other students gives you a chance to express your individual opinion about different topics, and you can see the different prospective from other students. It was interesting to collaborate and learning from my classmates. I never knew that by answering a question could open so many different ideas that I would have never thought of before.

Procrastinating can cause you to waste valuable time. I often procrastinate, more so this week of class. I have told myself to study and I have not studied until the last two days of class. This is why I need to learn to manage my time better. When you manage your time accordingly, you are able to achieve many things. I have learned how...
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