Topics: Infection, Inflammation, Electroencephalography Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: April 16, 2006

Specific Purpose Statement: At the end of my speech, my audience will be familiar with the disease Encephalitis; an inflammation of the brain usually caused by a viral infection. Thesis statement: I will tell you about Encephalitis, by defining it, exploring its causes, discussing symptoms and diagnoses, and a few possible treatments. Introduction:

I. Imagine for a second that you are 5 years old.
A. Your friends call you up to go out and play on Sunday but you can't because you have a fever of 105.9°. When you go to the pediatrician's office and your fever will not go down using cold compresses, he sends you to the ER.

B. Your admitted to the hospital and the doctors do a spinal tap which comes back negative and you now have quickly developed a rash, that turns out to be scarlet fever.

C. No one knows what's going on, you begin to have seizures and you're going in and out of unconsciousness.

D. You're transported to the CCU (critical care unit) at Yale New Haven Medical Center and on the way you stop breathing but begin again with a fist to chest massage

E. A neurological specialist hooks electrodes up to your head to monitor your brain waves and run 100's of blood test some that they would never get the results from.

F. You haven't spoke in 2 days, your motor skills are weak, your incontinent, and your whole family is scared to death; here we are the doctor comes in and tells your family you have Encephalitis and it's affected the part of your brain that helps you to learn and speak, and has weakened all of your motor skills.

G. For you this might just be another story, but for my sister this is the story of the day that changed her life. She has had Encephalitis of unknown origins for 11 yrs. Although her life has been rough with medications, therapy, and her strength, she has not let this disease get the better of her. She is a sophomore in High School and plans to go to culinary school in 2 yrs.

II. Now, I am going...
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