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Topics: Alan Turing, World War II, Enigma machine Pages: 2 (878 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Merlyn Larrondo
Period 5
ENC 1101
10/13/14Alan Turning
Knowledge for the World
Math genius, World War II hero and Father of Artificial Intelligence, get’s arrested in Manchester England, 1954. Alan reports to police in England that it appeared to him that things in his home such as shirts, pants, and sweaters were missing but nothing big of value. As the police arrive to Alan’s apartment, detectives interview him and put his ideas together as they realize that the thief behind this robbery can be his boyfriend at the time. Alan gets arrested; it’s a law in England that people of the same sex should not be seen in public or together in private. Police at the time had no idea that the person they were taking to jail was a War hero, said Robert. Long before Allan Turning was arrested in his teenage years he was described to have dark hair, squared face but not unattractive. Allan was a goofy kid; many times he was bullied but never unhappy. He attended Shore Born School where he falls in love with a boy named Christopher Morcum. Alan described him as a charming, handsome and socially smooth kid. They both had a bond over science even though turning never declared his love for Morcum. Weeks from meeting him it comes to a sudden shock when Alan finds out that Christopher has passed away while at school from Bavarian Tuberculosis. Alan kept a relationship with Christopher’s mom after his death throughout the years, after this he realized many things on his own. At this point Alan realizes the true love and the passion he has for math. He decides to go to study away at King's College Cambridge where he is described to be a loner. His thoughts through his lonely days in the fields of at King's College Cambridge led him to one question “Is there a quick automatic way to prove or disprove a mathematical proposition?” This question at the time was the big questions mathematician around the world were trying to find an answer to. This led to his idea to one...
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