Enabaling Ignorance

Topics: High school, Teacher, Education Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Enabling Ignorance
By- Roger Kaplan

“No child left behind” act (NCLB) passed this year through congress which was originally passed in 2002, that shows how can be common sense and experience is replaced. The author, Diane Ravitch pointed out in her book that NCLB promotes the weakness in American public school, rather than improving their strengths. The idea of passing NCLB proven wrong, because it is wasting of federal dollars, it increases corruption, and it a-parts teachers from the school system. Passing NCBS is a total wasting of federal money. The author of “The death and life of great American school system” tells us that one cannot fix the complex issue like; education s, with the money itself. Instead of introducing strength in the education system, another issued was developed which was, testing. Through NCLB the school reform program “testing” became the back bone of the education system and largely became a waste of federal taxes money.

As a consequence of NCBS, school reform program introduced corruption in the education system. School district raised the standard of the education system by increase in testing score. This particular program was lived short and it was shut down. Principals, teachers and faculty members within the school system get paid based on the performance of the testing score of the children. This introduced in to the school system a new type of corruption which never existed before. Since the reformed program was for short duration and it failed completely, the principal, teachers and faculty members within the system turned the main reason for the failure. The program was drastically failed because of corruption, but NCLB denied playing any part in the leadership of that corrupted program.

These program a- part teachers from the school systems. As NCBS diminished accountability at the leadership level, school systems blame teachers for the failure. “it’s not a my...
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