EN3220 module 2 exercise

Topics: Crime, Doctor / Pages: 2 (408 words) / Published: May 6th, 2015
1.A student has to write a report about the causes of the rebellion in Libya for a Political Science class.
Which source is the best place to start?
News article from the New York Times about background on the Libyan rebellion
2.A mother of a sick toddler is looking for advice on when to take her child to the doctor. She should trust info from:
The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website
3.A student is trying to remember the name of an actor in a movie she recently saw. Which one of these would be an acceptable source for this type of research?
Wikipedia entry about that movie
Ebert and Roeper’s review of the movie
Official website for the movie
All of the above would work for this type of search
4.A student has to research the problem of gang violence among teenagers in large cities. Which source will provide the most reliable information for her project?
A scholarly article from the Criminal Justice database available through her school library
5.A student is looking for up-to-date statistics about obesity in children and school lunch programs. Which source would provide the most current, reliable information?
The US government’s Department of Education website
6.I chose my answer in Question 1 because:
Even though theres an option of talking to someone that’s actually part of the situation you want to get an idea first of what could be the problems causing the rebellion, and then you can ask someone that’s part of it.
7.I chose my answer in Question 2 because: the experience of other mothers can be useful it cant compare to getting information from actual doctors, that’s why the website would be the best option.
8.I chose my answer in Question 3 because: since its not a topic where there could be a lot of answer or points of view all of the answer are fine to me, you can find the actors name on any of the options.
9.I chose my answer in Question 4 because: it can provide a large range of information on the topic not only from one particular city but

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