EN1320 Unit 5 Assignment 1

Topics: Las Colinas, Prince, HotSpot Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: April 25, 2015

Genre Essay-Proposal Draft:

I. Introduction
Casino in Las Colinas- Cha-Ching!!!!
Having a casino built in DFW has been a lingering idea for some time now. Though it has been met with some opposition, many prevalent leaders, amongst the DFW community, are all for a casino being brought to this growing international hot spot. With the simple some planning we can provide the locals and tourist really something special.

II. “Problem Analysis”
Some of the major objections come from the small community of Las Colinas. Some don’t like change. And we can all understand that. But as we all know, sometimes is for the better. People often can’t see the true benefits until the product is sitting in their lap. And I feel a strong positive outlook will come of this business venture. Dallas is officially an international hot spot. I can only for see better economic growth, more wealth for the local community, more and better jobs for locals, and more international recognition. The evidence can been seen how much business is retained, a stone’s throw away, at Winstar World Casino. Constantly we are seduced in sending or money and time in an Oklahoma based casino. This could be a DFW brand casino with the time, money, and other benefits.

III. Plan of Action
We have some of the best construction teams in the world. They could have this dream up and running in two years’ time. We wouldn’t have to spend much on publicity due to the fact it will be located near DFW Airport. A few ads here, billboards there, and the occasional commercial, and boom we have a hit. Employment lines will be wrapped around the building with excellent potential from all round the world. That gives of free publicity with the chatter form conversations. With it already located in an open, classy, developing area we don’t have the same worries as we would trying to put it in an established city. It is a win win situation!

IV. Conclusion
We must step into the...
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