En 1420 - Unit 3 Assignment 1

Topics: Online identity, Online dating service, Dating Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 18, 2012
EN 1420 - Unit 3 Assignment 1
The article starts with a note to the author by an anonymous sender that echoes the stigma other twenty-something year olds have towards online dating. This person is afraid of gaining a bad reputation of sorts, like being called a loser, pathetic, or desperate if they are found out for approaching online dating as a means to meet people for a relationship. It seems a bit strange because of a lot of people using the internet as a means to communicate nowadays yet, turn their noses up to online dating because it isn't "normal" to date someone online.

In a way it can be a bit scary, even the author agrees, but with how dating sites are set up to where it is, at least, not a blind date but then again, it can be terrifying with how straight-to-the-point some of these websites can be, sometimes feeling like there are no real social interactions between the parties involved. However there are other websites, such as facebook.com or myspace.com that people will connect over and build relations over through various communications that the sites provide (such as private messages or "poking"). Something about these sites seem more organic than dating sites, and so a man named Adam Sachs, who noticed that people feel more comfortable in situations with friends around, created a site called ignighter.com that focuses completely on a group of friends meeting with another group of friends in a safe environment that would be more comfortable for the people involved.

There is an upside that comes with online dating though, and that would be how well you can get to know a person. Without the face-to-face interaction there is no need to worry about superficial things that could get in the way. As useful as this is though, I believe that online dating is still not an actual replacement for meeting and dating a person you can meet offline. If anything, I believe that connecting with people online is best left to be used as a tool to find...
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