EMS Recommendations

Topics: Sustainability, Strategy, Strategic management Pages: 2 (1151 words) Published: November 3, 2014

EMS Recommendations
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Kristina Aiello, Cristal Carranza, Jared Mathison, Jennifer Valentine, Michelle VestalMGT/360November 3rd, 2014Vicki BauerExecutive Summary In a profit-driven market, executive decisions are based on capital gain instead of long-term sustainability of the planet. Too many pollutions have killed the sea life in the oceans, the streams, the ground soil, the ozone, and all of these practices have poisoned the planet. Business leaders need to change their philosophy of sustainment through capital gain to sustainment through environmental sustainability and be a socially responsible company to stay competitive in today's market Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a part of the Fortune 1000 enterprises and exceeds ISO 9000 standards giving them the ability to stay a competitor within the plastic manufacturing industry. Currently, Riordan employs 550 employees throughout their four plants in Michigan, California, Georgia and one in China making them a global company. Riordan supports key customers in the automotive parts industry and aircraft manufacturers fields and can customize their product to meet their customers' needs. They emphasize six sigma because they understand the importance of asset utilization and the elimination of waste that slows operations. Top leadership requested internal audits on all four operations to identify the top three area needing sustainability process implementation. The first area of concern is the current process of disposing of waste from excess materials. The second area of concern is the label maker omitting high level of hazardous gases into the air. The third area identified is the internal audit is the wasted energy throughout the company. Looking into future sustainability efforts, Riordan Manufacturing will continue to identify ways to improve their long-term sustainability efforts by conducting business with environmental sustainability their determining factor to ensure their continued...

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