Topics: Environmental science, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: March 1, 2013
When we talk about hygiene, we are talking about civilized image that reflects the civilized face of the community or the extent of progress, we know that progress and development need educational society. So, cleanliness is a learned behavior learned as a result of education.  

while we gain the hygiene behavior and learn it , then the education is the general and the best method for this, they show how beautiful and natural appearance civilization and environmental development of the country, and here comes the role of education in the development of environmental hygiene behavior. فالنظافة behavior is one of the behaviors that must be emphasized to reach prosperity. When the community clean means that we live in a clean environment, and we care about cleanliness, but we must strive to promote this interest, and here highlights the role of relevant institutions in this topic to focus on the importance of environmental education in the development of behaviors and environmental, including hygiene and that we find just the behavior of simple but basically is the behavior if followed by every member of the community in a personal or public, it contributes to hygiene. These simple behaviors contribute to make hygiene behavior daily, and daily behavior is usually followed is applied at home, street, public places and in all walks of life.  

Access to cleaner full thing a bit tricky but contrast lack of hygiene resulting in health problems and environmental problems sometimes has no solutions, for example, the process of burning waste inside containers except for that cause smelly especially for individuals that suffer from allergies chronic, the combustion process is harmful also the ozone layer and which We all know that environmental scientists have not reached a solution to this problem. Here, too, must focus on the failure to follow such conduct harmful to society and the environment and which have a significant impact in the long run. To prevent such...
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