Employment Relations

Topics: Trade union, Labour relations, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 16 (5649 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Labor relations belongs to social relations and it plays an important role in the development of enterprises and the harmonious and stability of society. The society, government and union organizations all have responsibility to safeguard employees’ legal rights and interests. (Bray, 2011) Labor relations in Australia make the adjustment of working conditions through legislation, industry arbitration and factory labor contract. Award is made by an independent industry arbitration court and it decides wages and conditions of employment relations. In recent years, Australia’s labor relations system had a very big reform and the aim of reform was to promote productivity through enterprise internal negotiations. However, the number of labor conflict has gradually increased since 2007, especially the introduction of two new labor law as Work Choice and Fair Work Australia which caused great complaints from unions and industries. (Paul, 2009) The purpose of this essay is to analyze theories of employment relations in the relationship between employers and employees with six media articles concerning the labor relations in Australia, and the theories including state regulation, industrial conflict, bargaining processes and so on. The essay will first summarize six articles in turn and analyze each situation shows in the article. After that, there will be a summary of what have learned from these articles with theories of employment relations.

Six articles from media
Article one
Article ‘Note to Tony: Work laws are crying out for change’ compared the act of Work Choice introduced by Howard government with Fair Work Australia, and it urgently calls for a change in current work laws. There are three fatal flaws of Work Choice that made it failure including the introduction of national regulation, the complicated of rules and regulations as well as its relationship with Australian Industrial Relations Commission. Refer to Fair Work Act which was formulated based on the structure of Work Choice, and it couldn’t satisfy current employment relations. This article involves state regulation in employment relations. Both WC and FWA were introduced to improve industrial relations, but WC paid attention to employers while FWA gave priority to employees. The formulation of a state regulation must consider the interest of both employer and employee, thus both WC and FWA need to be changed. (Andrew, 2005) Tony needs to consider some advantage of WC such like reducing the cost of small businesses so that they have competiveness to improve overall economy.

Article two
Article ‘Teacher pay war with Queensland Government likely to continue’ talked a labor conflict between Queensland teachers and LNP government about teachers’ wages. The government was about to exempt 20 labor conditions with a 2.7 per cent pay rise per year for teachers in Queensland. This new labor law aroused strong complaint among teachers since 2.7 percent pay rise is too low. This article refers to labor conflict and Queensland Teachers’ Union chooses to negotiate with LNP government instead of strike over. Teachers want to be safeguarded of their wages so that the wage raise rate must be based on their professional experiences and current situation of inflation. However, the new act disconnects those and authorizes more rights to principal in employment. (Charlesworth, 2008) It is government’s injustice in treating teachers’ wage that the conflict between basic education and public policy emerges.

Article three
Article ‘Productivity is the remedy to high debt and low growth’ analyzed an announcement said by treasury secretary Martin Parkinson about boosting productivity. The author agreed with the reason why productivity is important but remained his opinion in Parkinson’s conception of tax reform. This article talks about state regulation. Parkinson and other parties suggested government to adopt more efficient measures to boost productivity in...
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