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Name: Janice King Gunn
Research the various laws listed below. Determine whether the employment law is a federal or state law. If the law covers both federal and state, are there any difference between federal and state. Provide an overview of the significance of each employment law. Please cite all sources used. Employment Law Name

Federal – Provide Details of the Law
State – Provide Details of the Law
National Labor Relations Act of 1935

Forbids employers from interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees in the exercise of rights relating to organizing, forming, joining or assisting a labor organization for collective bargaining purposes, or from working together to improve terms and conditions of employment, or refraining from any such activity. Similarly, labor organizations may not restrain or coerce employees in the exercise of these rights. Federal and state law.

Source: http://www.nlrb.gov/rights-we-protect/employerunion-rights-and-obligations Some states have banned union-security agreements by passing “right to work” laws. In these states it is up to each employee at a workplace to decide whether or not to join the union.

Source: http://www.nlrb.gov/rights-we-protect/employerunion-rights-and-obligations Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Prescribes standards for the basic minimum wage and overtime pay. Federal and state law.

Source: http://www.dol.gov/compliance/laws/comp-flsa.htm
Many states have their own minimum wage laws.

Source: http://webapps.dol.gov/dolfaq/go-dol-faq.asp?faqid=218 Equal Pay Act of 1963

Requires equal pay for equal work within the same establishment regardless of the employee’s gender. Federal and state law. Source: http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/statutes/index.cfm

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Title VII prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Also requires that employers reasonably accommodate...
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