Employment at Will

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Employment-at-Will Exceptions Paper
University of Phoenix
HRM 546
November 1, 2011


This paper will explain how xxx utilizes employment-at-will; how the exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine are used to protect xxx and its managers, and will identify how and why xxx employs employees and independent contractors. This hiring strategy contributes to the economic health of the company.

How is Employment-at-Will applied in my Organization?
The general employment engagement at xxx is employment-at-will. As described by xxx Code and Business Conduct and Ethics, “Nothing in the Code alters the employment at-will policy of xxx applicable to all U.S. employees.” xxx is a publicly traded company, and because it contracts with the Federal Government is governed by regulations unfamiliar to private companies. According to California labor law, Section 2922, “An employment, having no specified term, may be terminated at the will of either party on notice to the other. Employment for a specified term means an employment for a period greater than one month.”

Unlike most employees at xxx, however, senior management (senior vice-president level and above) work for the company on a contractual basis. Human Resources creates their employment contract, it is reviewed and approved by the Chief Executive Officer and xxx Board of Directors, and finally presented to the manager.

How do Exceptions to Employment-at-Will Limit its Application?
Exceptions to the doctrine of...

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