Employment and Young Adults

Topics: Employment, Management, The Work Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: March 4, 2014

McDonalds, as we all know, is the world’s largest chain of fast food. It also holds a place as one of the largest employers; with the majority being young adults, who are most likely high school and college students. Throughout high school we are supposed to be getting prepared for the real world and advance our education to do so. College costs money and most students struggle to come up with it, seeing as most have to work to pay for their education. Finding a balance can be frustrating, especially when you work at a place like McDonalds. This place is full of manipulation, selfishness, and not to mention how much they take their employees for granted. Let’s start with how bad the manipulation by the managers is. First off, when I started working there, I saw how they treated us when we wouldn’t obey blindly to what they wanted. They cut our hours instead of reasoning things out first. For example, I had to get my food handlers card for this job, and I understood that. I was looking into the process of where to get it and how, when one day they had completely taken all my work hours because I didn’t have it. This enraged me because there was others that had been there for a longer time and didn’t have theirs, and continue without it still. It felt really unfair, to think that they see me as an easy target to manipulate. After a few months new employees got hired and they were trying to make me train them, I told my manager that I wasn’t a crew trainer, so I don’t know how to train new employees. I quote my manager “you don’t get promoted for that.” That was a lie and I knew that because I was working the day that they promoted some crew to crew trainers. With this said its clear how they try to manipulate you into doing things that you are not supposed to. Selfishness is the name of the game in this work place. Managers only care about themselves and their problems. Once you ask a favor from them, they quickly ask why and when it comes to them...
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