Employment and Social Care Worker

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Describe the term and conditions of your contract of employment.

All employees receive a contract of employment within several weeks or before starting a new post. A contract of employment discloses information witch together make up the terms and conditions of the individuals employment, such information includes names of the employer and employee, the scale, rate and frequency of wages, hours of work and any conditions relating to these, job tittle and disruption, place of work and the length of notice to terminate employment. For example within the contract of employment it will state how many hours of work per week the employee will undertake, if the employee fails to comply with these conditions it could lead to disciplinary action or termination of the contract by the employer.

Describe the information shown on own payslip.

Information that is show on a payslip includes:
Payments, Deductions, National Insurance number, Bank Account details, Tax code, Annual salary/ hourly rate, Payroll reference and Pay date. Payment and deductions are shown on a payslip so the individual can see how much they have earned since their last payslip and how much of that pay has been deducted, it is also shown so that if there is a mistake in the amount that has been paid or deducted from them the individual can resolve the problem through the appropriate means. By law every employee has a certain amount deducted from their wages; this covers National insurance and income tax and any other deduction that have been agreed with the employer such as pension contributions.

Identify two changes to personal information that must be kept up to date with the employer.

Information on employees that must be kept up to date includes, the employee’s home address, Work, home and mobile number and all emergency/ next of Kin contact details. Details such as the employees work home and mobile number must be kept up to date with the employer, if such detail are not kept up to...
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