Employment and Phoenix Advertising

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Step 1: Methods
Observations: I would observe the individuals in different departments in their own work enviroments to see how they interact with each other and their clients on a day to day basis. I would do this in hopes to see where any and all issues or breakdowns in communication and work procedure and protocols are happening. I hope to have a better understanding of how each department works together after these observations and interviews. Interviews: I will would interview each employee personally, or in groups by department. Whichever I felt would get a better response from the employees. I would plan to explain to them the problems that have been brought to my attention and ask for their input into what they feel the biggest problems are and how they would solve them. Surveys: I would then have them fill out surveys followed by a question and answer session to try to get a personal feel to what is going on.

Part 2A: Surveys

Why do you feel some employees have resigned their positions here at Phoenix Advertising in recent months? I hope to find out what employee grievances are and how we as a company can create a better working environment for them. Are we satisfying our clients and what can be done to ensure satisfaction and return business of our clients? I hope to find out if the employees feel they are doing their best for our clients, working to their full ability, what is lacking, and what can be improved. Tell me about yourself and your position here at Phoenix Advertising. Who is the person that you report to when on an assignment? I want to learn what each person believes their responsibilities are within the company and to whom they report. I also may find some other areas of concerns that have not yet been reported, such as a broken chain of command. 2. Clients:

a. What services did you hire Phoenix advertising to do for you? Is there a service you wish we provided or would like to see in the future? Was the price what you expected for the outcome? i. I want to find out exactly what services we are providing most, and what is being offered most. And how our services compare to the prices our clients are paying for them. b. Are you satisfied with the Roanoke Branch staff and the services that have been provided to you on a scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the highest)? i. I want to find out if they are being treated the way they expect to from someone they are essentially paying to work for them. And if they feel like they are they receiving what was promised in their contracts with the company. c. What can we as a company, do better? Would you recommend our services to others? Why or why not? i. I want to know what is most important to our clients and where we need to improve. I also want to find out if our clients would tell others about us, because word of mouth is a great way to gain business, and if it is not I want to know what we can do to change it.

Step 2 B: Letter to CEO of Roanoke Branch

Phoenix Advertising
ATTN: Roanoke Branch
2244 W. 177th Ave Suite 44C
Roanoke VA 28135
Phone: (757) 455-2244

Dear Mr. Jonathan Willis:
I am writing this letter to inform you that the company president of Phoenix Advertising, Mr. Gregory Forest is sending me to your branch to conduct an investigation into some...
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