Employment and Great Idea

Topics: Employment, A Little Bit, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: December 6, 2005
"Zapp!", by William Byham shows a positive method to change employee's work morale and self confidence for the better. The story is a contemporary fable that shows what supervisors, managers, and organizations must do to create and maintain an empowered workforce. The steps are easy to follow and can be applied to any workplace. The beginning of the story presents us with a typical situation. The self-esteem and moral of the workforce is very low. Employees just care about showing up, doing the minimum they have to do to get by, and get paid at the end of the week. Little concern is given over each other and also the product. The supervisor, Joe Mode, is caught between upper management and the workers. He takes most of the responsibilities on himself which leads a busy and very stressful work environment. When Ralph Rosco, one of his employees, attempts to talk to him about a great idea, he immediately dismisses it since it isn't one of Ralph's responsibilities and that if it was that great, the research and development team already would have figured it out. Not discouraged by his boss, Ralph begins working on his great idea. From being a normal employee that does the minimum and takes naps when he cans, Ralph begins to work on his idea during lunch breaks and coffee breaks, comes in to work a little bit earlier, and even finishes other projects faster to have more time. Other employees begin to find Ralph have more energy, seemed younger and happier. Finally, Ralph completes his great idea, the Ralpholator. After Ralph uses the device and disappears, Joe comes along looking for him and unintentionally uses the Ralpholator When Joe accidentally entered the 12th dimension, he was surprised and did not understand what he was seeing. Ralph explained to Joe that the dark part of the twelfth dimension he was in was Department N and that the little light that is radiating is the employees moral and esteem. It took Joe a few minutes to realize it, because...
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