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Employer-Employee Relations Quiz- Little Lamb Scenario
MGT 434
August 5, 2010

Little Lamb Scenario
Little Lamb Company hires Mary as an independent contractor to assist in the programming for a special project. Apparently, Mary impressed the company with her skills, so Little Lamb offered Mary a position once the special project is complete. Mary accepts the offer and begins working for the Little Lamb Company while using the company materials and working the same schedule as the rest of the company’s employees. After the projects full completion, Mary is asked to leave the company. Employer-Employee Relationship

In this scenario, Mary is classified as an independent contractor, until the Little Lamb Company made the decision to hire Mary as an employee. According to University of Phoenix Employer-Employee Relations Quiz (N.D.), “She is asked to continue with the company to complete the new project.” This passage indicates the Little Lamb Company is in need of Mary’s skill to fully complete the assignment.

The employer-employee relationship has changed over the course of time because the company is now relying on Mary to become an employee to successfully complete the project. As an independent contractor, it is Mary’s responsibility to perform the duties of the job at her own pace and skill. As a new employee of the company, Mary will now have to abide by the company policies and procedures. Employment-At-Will

Mary worked for the Little Lamb Company for two years before she got let go due to economic conditions. An employer has the right to terminate an at-will employee at any time, expect for reasons that are illegal("At-Will Employment", 2012). The company justified Mary’s termination with the current economic conditions; however, 30 days later, a supervisor hired his cousin who has the same qualifications as Mary. There was no contract stating that when the economic conditions were solved, Mary could return. The purpose of the at-will employment...

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