Employer of Choice

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Employer of Choice
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Employer of Choice
Once college and/or university is completed, and degrees have been obtained the time for aspiring to work with the best employers begins. This then causes the employee to start searching for facts about the corporations they want to work for and therefore what requirements are needed for the position. Once they have the compulsory requirements, the search for employment begins. Employees should have several employers which they prefer over other. This preference would depend on a myriad of factors ranging from yearly income, benefits and the job location. The three corporations that I have chosen to work with on this paper are McDonalds, Walmart and Pepsi Cola. All of these corporations have been praised for the procedure in which they satisfy their customers. Different departments have been instilled dealing specifically with employee welfare, ensuring that they are working under the best work conditions that are possible. This show of concern ensures that employees have satisfaction with their workplace and it also shows that consumers are contented with the services and products they are receiving. In addition to having customer and employee satisfaction, these corporations have fair and thorough recruitment processes. All of the three above listed companies have diverse requirements and standards concerning recruitment of their staff. While some of the procedures are the same or similar, the other procedures are totally different. Walmart has an intense application process, which led to an even more specialized criteria so that there is a small list of eligible employees which meet the required criteria. One of the criteria is an online application only process. This is convenient for future employees as there is an interactive customer care center application site at every Walmart. The second criteria would be that you...
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