Employer Branding

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Employer brand is the image of an organization as a great place to work in the minds of its current employees and key stakeholders- HR/employer branding in brief- benefits of employer brand- how to promote employer brand- The process of employer branding

employer brand image
corporate identity
employer brand reputation
unanswered questions
Challenges in building a strong employer brand?- employer brand projects can be very complex more so if a company has a globally dispersed workforce that operates across diverse cultures- what makes a good employer?- employer branding practices of business leaders’ organization- The changing world of employment brands and hr:

combining marketing and hr
the future-
employer branding in recession.
Employer brand is the image of an organization as a great place to work in the minds of its current employees and key stakeholders. It is the development of such an organizational culture which fosters a sense of belongingness with the company and encourages the employees to share organization's goals for success. In short, it is the value of the company in external marketplace. The goal of employer branding is to create loyal customers; the customers here being the employees.

An employer brand represents the core values of an organization. Companies that are considered good employers have a strong identity and an image in the marketplace. Building such a brand requires a lot of introspection by the company, and answering the questions, "what kind of company we are, and want to become?" and "how do we live up to the expectations of our stakeholders?" HR/EMPLOYER BRANDING IN BRIEF:

Attracting & branding activities towards the target talent Recruiting - selecting, interviewing and hiring talent
Training - making sure co-workers have the right skills
Retaining - creating working conditions that encourage talent to stay on Developing and executing talent management policies
There are several benefits to having, knowing, and promoting an employer brand.

1. Recruiting the right people. Every workplace is unique. To better attract the right people, those that "fit" the company, an employer brand needs to be promoted.

2. Retaining workers and cutting down on turnover. People who fit the culture stay with the company longer and are more satisfied, leading to more productivity.

3. Lower training costs while building loyalty. Retaining employees means less turnover, leading to less money and time on recruiting and training new workers. HOW TO PROMOTE EMPLOYER BRAND
• When recruiting potential employees, state in the job description what the workplace culture is like. If everyone laughs and jokes around, state how "fun" and "easy going" the atmospheres. The first step is for the company to understand what its culture is. Usually this falls to the hr manager or the hiring manager. First, identify the core values. Is the company very reliable? Is it trusted? Is it fun?

Second, write them down and form a statement. This statement is similar to the company’s mission, but focuses on recruitment.
Third, use it to attract the right people, and let current employees feel good about where they work. THE PROCESS OF EMPLOYER BRANDING:
The essence of employer branding is (1) to attract talented individuals and (2) ensure both they and existing employees identify with the organisation and its brand and mission to produce desired outcomes for organisations. The process runs along the following lines.

Organisational identity is the first of two key drivers of employer brand image. It is best thought of as the collective answer by employees and managers to the ‘who are we’ question, revealed in its shared knowledge, beliefs, language and behaviours. This organisational self-concept is not just a collection of individual...
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