Employer Branding

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Headlines like RINL(Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited ) Personnel department gets ISO 9000 for its excellent services in Human resources, , Standard charted bank employees to have5 days week, ICICI plans to recruit 30,000 employees in coming year , Accenture on course to hit 35,000 headcount in India or launching of a completely a new Brand strategy .TCL a china based electronic company termed " Creative life "for global market or Infosys to open BPO unit in Mexico , or that of Wipro’s in Egypt or the UB group acquiring Shaw Wallace.. these statement as news of daily magazine or topic of discussion create what is known as Brand image or the "Trust mark "or as defined by Minchington (2005) as "the image of the organization as a 'great place to work' in the minds of current employees and key stakeholders in the external market (active and passive candidates, clients, customers and other key stakeholders)." The concept of Employer Brand has gained importance since 1990"s or it is a result of Global manic competition but above all it has become a magnetic force, a catalyst , an accelerator and a prime factor which determines an organization success and future . Employer brand has overshadowed and synchronized all other factors which had their individual importance like customers, relationship, PR, networking, 2- way Communication etc and is now the sole prima factor or the turnkey of success. Conceptual framework

Minchington (2005) defines employer branding as “the image of the organization as a ‘great place to work’ in the minds of current employees and key stakeholders in the external market (active and passive candidates, clients, customers and other key stakeholders).” Strong employer brands have employer value propositions ("EVPs") which are communicated in company actions and behaviors and evoke both emotive (e.g. I feel good about working here) and tangible benefits (this organization cares about my career development) for current and prospective employees. These EVPs reflect the image that the organizations want to portray to its target audience. A company’s employer brand is reflected in the actions and behaviors of leaders and is affected by company policies, procedures, and practices. A corporate understanding of employer Branding concept across the Globe: American Express, Cisco Systems, Amgen, Starbucks, and Intel, all of which have received recognition on The List of 100 Best Companies to Work for in America are leaders in Employer Branding as well. "They all share the common trait of treating their employees better than their peers in their industries, and all invest heavily in employee training and development," states Hornung . Companies who don't invest in developing an effective Employer Brand will, in the long run, be less financially successful than those who are. As stated by States Woltzen, "They will not be able to recruit or retain the high-performing employees they will need to run a successful business." 2002 Gallup survey reported that less than a quarter of American workers are fully "engaged" in their work, costing the US economy $300bn (and £50bn in the UK) per year. Gallup surveys in Great Britain, France and Singapore revealed similar findings in 2003.

The surveys revealed that more than 80% of British workers lack any real commitment to their jobs, with a quarter of those being "actively disengaged," or truly disaffected with their workplaces. Gallup estimates that actively disengaged workers cost the British economy between £37.2 billion ($64.8 billion U.S.) and £38.9 billion ($66.1 billion U.S.) per year due to low employee retention, high absentee levels, and low productivity. Gallup survey results in 2003 also showed that only 12% of French workers are engaged in their work, with approximately 2.5 times as many workers (31%) being actively disengaged, or disconnected from their jobs. In Singapore's workforce, the...
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