Employees Obligation to the Firm

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Employees Duty to the Firm

Harmony between employees and employers is only possible only when there is no selfishness in the relationship. There are a lot of employers or firms obligation to an employee. But for every employer’s obligation there is also a corresponding obligation or responsibility of employee to the employer. While employers give what is just and right, employees should also be obedient, because obedience counts a lot. An employee should be respectful while an employer should not delay the giving of wages and salaries. Because delaying of wages is one way of oppressing the right of an employee. An employee or worker should be sincere in rendering services, while employer should pay wages on time. During working hours, an employee should avoid chatter, while employers should not exploit workers. A good employer does not threaten so as a nice servant should not be lazy. When an honest worker does not pilfer or steal, an employer does not defraud too. These, are only a few enumerations on the reciprocal obligations between employers and employee.

Sincerity in rendering services can be shown ideally by doing dutifully the job entrusted with or without employer supervision. Absenteeism, tardiness, mediocrity and inefficiency at work, and ignoring workplace policies and regulations are not manifestations of sincere and faithful service. These are unchristian traits and attitudes and will not contribute to harmonious employer-employee relationships. When I was working as an embassy staff at the Lebanese Embassy based in Tokyo, I could say that I did the best I can in rendering the service expected of me. Even though the contract says that I would only work 8 hours a day and would assist the ambassador with his personal needs, I together with my Filipino colleagues would always stay late at night and end working up to 16 hours a day. Exceediency of the service they say, because our boss needs us more than the time we should work. Receiving guest and serving them with coffee during business meetings or serving them dinner at hotel receptions was my favorite part. At least my consolation was, I was being smiled at and being thanked by everyone I met and served. I am so especially happy when high ranking officials and celebrities from different countries will allow you to pause for a moment and take photo as a remembrance, most especially when a Japanese princess or a Saudian prince would call you just to thank and shake your hands for a nice food presentation and delicious cooking. We ignore the hardships of standing all the time, smiling for the coming visitors and afterwards waiting tables and cleaning after their mess. In other words there are a lot more jobs or tasks we were asked to do than what was stipulated in the contract. There was a time when I served as the chef for two years preparing meals for a pair of guests to several dozens to hundreds of people. Here I was able to silently experienced and observed that when you cheerfully, honestly, happily and smilingly prepare foods from a single course to even six courses, from appetizer to dessert, until the brewing of Saudian or Turkish coffee, the taste would be delicious. But if it is cooked and prepared with a bitter heart, laziness, unnecessary hastiness, the result would also be bitter and unpalatable. So I had no choice then, but to be sincere and be happy in what I was doing. Even after the tedious job, we would still be smiling and cheerfully doing the last touches and finish until the drama of putting back the last coffee cup into the cupboards. His Excellency then, the ambassador would come to each of us one by one even to the very last part time waiter shaking our hands and thanking us for a job well done. There was always a time when I think that we are being exploited because of overwork, but then again, when your boss is so kind to you, and even give you 5000yen tip so you could eat sushi or slurp hot soba after the dinner invitation,...
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