Employee Turnover

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The aim of this analyze is let us to know about the practices of electronics manufacturing field, according to their employees and to understand how they keep continuous intense competition in the electronics manufacturing field. This research and analyze focus on some factors that is effecting the employee turnover rate in high percentage in this industrial field.

The research and analyze was study most of the employees of electronics manufacturing field in China manufacturing of Hong Kong companies.

For the purpose of research method was used by using questionnaire as a tool for Data collection. The Targeted Population was about ten thousands of Electronics Manufacturer in China of Hong Kong Company. (Wong’s –Kong Kin, Vi-Tech, Computime, Star- light, Elite, Beautiful, GP Audio, Sonic, etc………..) We selects 300 of Hong Kong companies with manufacturing faculties in China and their Labor force is over 3,000 person’s companies/ enterprises.

We was send about 300 sheet of questionnaire to 300 of Hong Kong Companies with manufacturing facilities in China of their Human Resources departments.

Moreover, we also have made the call phone to these 300 companies to get concerning information reply. Finally, we are successfully to get back 150 replies.

We are focus on (1) Salary, (2) working environment, (3) Benefits, (4) company culture and top management’s management attitude. (5) Chance of promotion

The result has shown us , there are few major factors to affect employee’s turnover rate in high percentage. Firstly is Salary , the data shared over 35% , Secondly is chance of promotion and benefit , the data shard over 30% , Thirdly is working environment , the data shared over 25%, final company culture and top management ‘s management attitude , data shared are also 10%. 1

Therefore, the companies should pay more attention to set or develop a better salary plan. Moreover, Company culture and management’s style should keep on reviewing, The companies need to reduce strain in the workplace. If all these factors cause the employee voluntarily leave, it is a great loss in the companies.

The companies have a great loss on expensive investment on these employee, such as training, Hire, and “bring up to speed “new staff replacement. Therefore , Companies should try to all possibility to prevent or reduce such a unhealthful over high rate of employee turnover.

Companies have to try their best to avoid their employee easier to quit their job.


Employee turnover is a global event, Nowadays the world of econmics growth, changing socioeconomic factors, dynamic labor markets and hyperactive macro- Environmental factors, almost all organizations are facing the employee turnover problem. In the most competitive environment , There are no enterprises can enjoy and sustain the success until it deals with the turnover rate problem efficiently and successfully. In the former, the competition between the business sectors have been great , and which have became more importance in human resource management functions. Up to day Electronics manufacturing field Hong Kong companies are very carefully about the human resource strategies and there is a great emphasis to use the human capital efficiency not only to increase the productivity but also to gain the competitive advantage.

Employee are defined as the basic operating unit of a company / organization, While a Company/organization invest heavily to attract, recruit and provide full training for the employee . After the company /organization have done all those efforts, In finally, the employee leave the company, it is a big loss to the concerning company/ organization. Therefore, there is a great need to identify and verify the factors to cause the employee to leave the company...

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