employee turnover

Topics: Chef, Employment, Take-out Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: November 1, 2013

Employee Turnover

Michelle Carter

Michael Brizek

HTM 150

October 29, 2013

Employee Turnover
This will describe the restaurant industry and its main employees. I will summarize three primary the primary reason that the turnover is high in this industry. I will also recommend a method that address the reasons that turnover is high. I will make a recommendation on how to improve job satisfaction in the industry.

The restaurant industry can be described as providing refreshments and meals in a sit-down dining facilities and take-out establishment. The American restaurant industry has become a major contributor to American culture. It is significant part to the economy, the industry is the leading employer in the private sector. In order for a restaurant to run properly, different types of employees are needed. Depending on the size of the restaurant a certain number of employees are require. In small restaurants most likely with not employ CEO and a public relation manager. Therefore, small restaurants will reserve funds to play for the key position that keep the business running. The main employee categories for the restaurant industry includes; management, chefs, cooks and waiters. In a restaurant a general manager oversees the operation and make sure that the quality of food is consistent with the restaurants, in a smaller management can do the same. In other management position like assistant manager who are responsible for scheduling employees or daily operations. An accountant handles the financial matters, such as paying vendor, ordering, payroll and taxes. All restaurant must have a person in charge of cooking the food. The position of the cook includes professional chefs. A person in a fine restaurant is consider as the head chef, but in fast-food chain, it could be the head cook. The chef has more responsibility in a fine restaurant, additional kitchen staff is needs, such as a sous or pas...
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