Employee Training at Ibm

Topics: Leadership, Management, Employment Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: December 11, 2008
When working at IBM they feel responsible for the further growth of a Human Resource, after their studies. They think that throughout training the employees achieve career growth at IBM in a serious way, but also in a way it makes the employee have fun at the job. Employee training

IBM has a couple of different employee training programs. These programs are offered in different stages of the career of an employee. First of all they offer a guide training for new employees. Secondly they offer internal trainings in different specific fields and on different levels. Besides these internal trainings they also offer external trainings. Last but not least IBM offers thousands of e-learning modules. These different forms of training will be shortly discussed now. Guide training for new Employees (start of the career at IBM) To gain an early start at career success at IBM you begin as a new employee with the so called ‘Your IBM’ program. This program is new-hire training program to learn how IBM works as a company. Therefore a new employee gets to know how to maximize his contribution to IBM, and how to successfully navigate and work within IBM. Besides these advantages a new employee also gets to connect very good with his colleagues and have fun in his job, from the very first start of the career. Internal trainings in different specific fields and on different levels The different internal trainings at IBM consists of three major training programs. In these main programs employees can choose a lot of specific minor programs for their specific fields. The three main programs are the Individual Development Plan, the Management Training and the Technical Training. Individual Development Plan

First of all IBM believes that the best way for the career path is to let it be as individual as possible for every employee. Therefore they implemented an Individual Development Plan as a training. This means that every employee has to make a plan to his own views. They can...
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