Employee Training and Development

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Employee Training and Career Development
The objective of organizational development is to increase the long-term health and performance of the company while inspiring the lives of its employees. The emphasis is on organizational culture that influences the way people work, by removing obstacles and increasing motivation, where there is culture of continual improvement and part of everyday life. Training and organizational development empowers individual employees and leaders, and aligns shared goals and objectives. Consequently, if employees are accountable and have control over how they do their jobs this will lead to giving leaders more control over the results. Training and Organization Development – Methods and Benefits

Training and organizational developments offers a variety of benefits as increase in: profits (or cost reduction), innovation, customer satisfaction, service and product quality, cost effectiveness, organizational flexibility, personal feelings of effectiveness, and job, work and life satisfaction (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). In addition, training and development are important aspects when coping with changes in technology and diversity within the company, and helps provide an opportunity and broad structure for developing technical and behavioral skills while attaining personal growth (Ansar, 2010).

Additionally, the benefits of training to organizations strategy are an important factor to company success. The need for training and required skills for efficient management of an organization must be available because of new technologies, the need for performance improvement, or as part of career development. Furthermore, employee commitment is increased and training provides the organization multi skilled employees, therefore, with a better understanding of jobs reducing accidents and saving money.

Consequently, another important training benefit for a company is that it provides skills that reduce cost of a company’s operations....

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