Employee Selection: A Vital Aspect of a Successful Organization

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Employment Selection and Training and Development Programs
For organizations to operate successfully and deliver exceptional goods or services, they must select the right people to achieve the organizations goals. The employment selection process is vital in locating the appropriate individuals with knowledge, skills, and experience to fulfill the duties of his or her potential job. Effective employment selection processes allow organizations to reduce turnover and absenteeism, increase moral, and performance capabilities. Organizations use methods, such as interviewing and aptitude tests in selecting the right person to fulfill organizational requirements. To understand better how different employment selection processes work, one must understand the purpose of the process and risks associated with the process as well as alternative processes if the risk is too high.

Interviewing is a traditional but very common approach in selecting the appropriate candidate for the desired position. According to an article, A Systematic Approach of Conducting Employee Selection Interview, by Ullah (2010) “The cost of rehiring and retraining solidifies the importance of hiring the right person for right position first” (P. 106). The purpose of an interview is to locate individuals who not only possess the skills and abilities to do the job but also is a good fit for the organizational culture already in place. In addition, an interview allows an organization to determine the individual’s motivational levels, interpersonal skills, and his or her ability to meet the performance expectations (Ullah, 2010).

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