Employee Selection and Training

Topics: Employment, Evaluation, Industrial and organizational psychology Pages: 5 (1178 words) Published: August 24, 2011
Industrial and Organizational psychologist are able to walk into most any corporation and identify problem areas. The specialty skills that the industrial and organizational psychologist possesses are able to better equip the corporations to reduce employee turnover and improve the workplace. Having the ability to survey the employees and find weak spots allows the industrial and organizational psychologist to determine the best measures to improve the company from the inside out. Using surveys on current and potential employees as well as assessments can cause the company to find weak employees and strong leaders that might have been previously overlooked. Industrial and organizational psychologist can improve the potential employee selection process, train employees properly all while abiding by the law. Selecting and training employees

The role of industrial and organizational psychology is one of the most important areas in the field of psychology and it entails research and analysis in the areas of hiring employees. I/O’s duties can range from conducting evaluations, analysis, and training, hiring, and consulting. Three examples of how industrial and organizational psychologists are an asset to a company are seen in positions like consultants, human resources specialist, and employee assessors and evaluators (Cascio, 1995). All these examples have one thing in common: they all work closely on selecting and training employees, and ensuring the best match for the position needed. Consulting IO’s, are hired by management to offer the best plan for success. These consultants are hired to design the best strategies for the business to work as a whole. Consultants offer strategic planning to achieve companies’ goals as well as employee’s goals. Through performance, selection, and intervention, they consult to the employer of what changes need to be done (Cascio, 1995). Their job is designed to offer the best possible advice to both parties with the goal of having a full functioning and effective business. They provide the best guidance and direction on how to work in an efficient and positive atmosphere. The next example would be human resources specialist, which would be running all aspects of the hiring process. This would include advertising, application process, interviewing, and training. They would assist management in taking care of all the angles needed to find personnel. They would normally advise management on which candidates they should consider interviewing. Human resources specialists would take care of checking references, background, education, and all aspects of the application process. They would take care of the training sessions through meetings, orientations, and any other process of that nature (Cascio, 1995). The next example: assessors and evaluators would be what would follow the human resources process. These evaluators would review all the information collected by human resources specialist, and all the candidates that have been selected, would be scheduled for a more in depth interview. These evaluators would conduct surveys, skills tests, personality tests, questionnaires, and many more evaluation methods. Their job is to screen the applicants that have been selected to see if they are indeed a perfect match for the job. Evaluators and assessor use scientific selection methods when conducting job analysis. Through statistical and correlation data, they evaluate all intellectual, psychological, physical and emotional aspects of the candidate before the hiring process is done (Cascio, 1995). Legal Issues

An organization must have a training program to establish a standard operation

guideline that must be followed. During this training the organization must ensure the

material and presentation is not legally or ethically controversial in any manner. The

training provided must be unbiased and sensitive to race, age, national origin, sex and

religion. If an...
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