employee satisfaction in NALCO

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It gives me immense pleasure to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those whose guidance and encouragement served as platform for completing this project.

I do express my deep sense of gratitude to…………………, for giving me the necessary guidance on this project.
I would like to convey my best regards with lot of thanks to all the persons of NALCO, who gave me their kind cooperation, cordiality and guidance for making this project a successful one. I am also in debated my faculty member for providing me the necessary guidance, support and moral courage in this effort. I am also thankful to …………………. Bhubaneswar for helping me in completing this project. I am also thankful to my friends and family members for their support.

Finally I thank one and all who were directly and indirectly involved in preparation of this report.

Place: Bhubaneswar.


I, ………….do hereby declare that the project entitled “A Project Report On Employee Satisfaction Of NALCO” is the result of 45days summer training done in NALCO, BBSR. This report is submitted by me for partial fulfillment Bachelors Degree of Business Administration Program (2010-2013) of ……….. Berhampur University.

This is to further declare that this project report is a result of my original work and not any portion has been copied or duplicated nor has any project report similar to this has been submitted to any of the university or organizations of this sort to receive a degree.

Place: Bhubaneswar


This is to certify that the project “EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION” has been done by Bijoylakshmi Patbandha bearing Roll no- GS22211 in an original work of the student under my supervision and guidance and is submitted in the partial fulfillment of the Bachelor Degree Of Business Administration in Gayatri Institute Of Science And Technology. This report has not been submitted to this institute or to any University/Institute for fulfillment of requirement of a course study…

(Academic Guide) DATE:

1.1- Objective & Importance of the Project
1.2- Methodology

CHAPTER-2:- Introduction: Company Profile
2.1- Organization’s History
2.2 - Quantitative Details
2.3 - NALCO Today
2.4 - Vision and Mission statement of the Company
2.5 - Different Units of the Company
2.6 - Aluminium Inputs
2.7 - NALCO-Products
2.8 - Manpower
2.9 - Policy of Company

CHAPTER-3:- Description of Employee Satisfaction
3.1- Introduction
3.2 - 5 Steps to gauge Employee Satisfaction
3.3 - Importance of Employee Satisfaction
3.4 - Types of theory
3.5 - Work-Life Balance

CHAPTER-4:- Surveys & Findings
4.1- Survey Report
4.2- Questionnaire

5.1- Conclusion and Suggestion
5.2 - Bibliography





To know the rules and guidelines as regards to Employee Satisfaction Policy being followed in NALCO. To know the major Government guidelines being issued to follow in Public Sector Undertakings. Flexibility of NALCO’s...
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