Employee Satisfaction

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We’ve all heard the old adage: a happy worker is a productive worker. It seems to make sense that the more satisfied an employee is, the better job he or she will do.

However, starting back as far as 1945, researchers have tried to prove a link between the two. Yet every major research study has been unable to find a substantial correlation between job satisfaction and job performance.

Does this mean that companies need not be concerned about employee satisfaction? Are all those annual employee surveys a waste of time? No,of course not. But to reap the benefits of these efforts, resources should be focused on areas that enhance life satisfaction rather than job satisfaction.

Employees’ satisfaction or morale refers to their positive emotional response to their job and to their work performed individually and/or as part of a group. Morale frequently has more of a group or organizational connotation than satisfaction.

Ignoring employees’ satisfaction is to risk some highly negative consequences, such as inability to retain valuable employees or to recruit desired talent.

Job satisfaction manifests itself in different ways in different people. Whether job satisfaction is high or low depends on a number of factors including: how well a person’s needs and wishes are met through work, working conditions, the way in which an individual defines himself or herself through work, and individual personality.


I am indebted to the all powerful ALMIGHTY GOD for all the blessings he showered on me and for being with me throughout the study.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Tripal Kaur, Director of Sigma School of management who provided me an opportunity to do this project.

I am deeply obliged to Mr. Mehul Mehta (HR-MANAGER) for his exemplary guidance and support without whose help this project would not have been success.

I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude and appreciations to my project guide Mr. Manish Sir for his kind cooperation and guidance which enabled me to complete my project.

Not forgetting the timely help of our teaching and non teaching college staff, I thanks and appreciate their co-operation sincerely.

I also take this opportunity to express my deed gratitude to my loving parents and friends who are a constant source of motivation and for their never ending support and encouragement during this project.

With Regards,

Parikh Prakash R.

1.About Industry

2. Company Profile

1.Unit Name: Doshion Veolia Water Solutions Pvt Ltd,
Unit 2,
Kathwada. Ahmedabad.

2.Established Year: 1977

3.Registered Office:Doshion Limited, Vatva , G.I.D.C, Estate

4.Total Units:

a.Unit No.1: Chemical Plant,
Plot No. 25, 26, Phase 2,
GIDC-Vatva, Ahmedabad

b.Unit No.2: Plot No.107 to 112, Phase 1,
GIDC Estate, Kathwada,

c.Unit No.3: Shri Ambica Estate,
Plot No. A65 to A70
Aslli, Ahmedabad.

d.Unit No.4: Plot No. 89 & 103,
Road No. B/8, Phase-1
GIDC Estate, Kathwada, Ahmedabad

e.Unit No.5: Shed No.284 (A-2),
Plot No. 5D, Sector 3,
Kandla special economic zone,
Gandhidham, Kutch.

5.Size of the Unit: 600000 Sq. ft area.

6.Men Power:

7.Chairmen: Dhirajlal S. Doshi

8.Managing Director: Ashish Doshi

9.C.E.O: M.Herrewtn

10.H.R.Manger: Mr.Mehul Mehta, Kathwada plant.

11.Vision of the Company: Motivated by the spirit of enterprise, to become a global entity and establishment the highest standards in the area of water of management business and provide better...

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