Employee Retention an Study on the Internship Program of Trg International in Ho Chi Minh City

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Recruitment Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 27, 2012

Nowadays, although recruiting is concerned with external as well as internal sources of employees, much of strategic focus is on external recruiting (Angelo S. DeNisi, Ricky W. Griffin. 2005. Human Resources Management 7th edition). Therefore, Human Resources Managers always seek for the most effective way to fill important jobs and recruit new people who are both interested and capable of working for the company. TRG International is not an exception in the running to find the most suitable people to be responsible for the vacant positions in the company.

TRG International is an independent market- leading global professional services firm focused on delivering technical excellence. In a simple way, TRG is a leading business solution and consultant firm of Vietnam and during 18 year of operating in Vietnam, TRG has been trying to play an active role in encouraging and creating an international working environment for the young generation of Vietnam to develop themselves by the internship program with leading universities for recruitment. The internship program is designed in a very well- structured and professional way which the targets are both current and freshly grad students. Moreover, the internship program starts with three challenging rounds including application forms, knowledge testing and interview and the new intern can receive a variety of benefits if they are chosen to work for the company.

Besides, what is the reason why the company always need new intern? Basically, there are always vacant positions in the company waiting for new intern to fill in and every position has the life cycle of 4 to 6 months. After that, if the intern is suitable and capable of working for the company, he or she would become part-time or full- time employees. In fact, every year, there are two to three new recruitments which required 10- 15 new interns each time and there are...
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