Employee Resourcing and Development

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employee resourcing and development

[How psychometric testing and assessment centres help to make the selection process more effective in providing evidence of whether an applicant has the necessary skills and competencies needed to perform well]

In today’s business environment, human resource is considered to be an organizations greatest resource; technology and capital are also needed but cannot be utilized with some form of human resource (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). All organizations want to have competitive advance and be successful, selecting and retaining the talented staff is the best way to achieve this. Best practices in the recruitment and selection process can to the achievement of organizational goals (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2012); it is one of the most important functions of human resource management. The focal objective of this essay is to show how psychometric testing and assessment centres help to make the selection process more effective in providing evidence of whether an applicant has the necessary skills and competencies needed to perform, by critically analysing existing literature on the topic.
The essay is structured into various sections, before we can talk about the effectiveness of these two variables, a definition of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning and Recruitment and Selection is needed. An understanding of the different methods of selection is also needed. Finally the use of Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centres in organization is examined; each section will define and outlines the purpose of the part and its importance.

human resource management & hr planning
In today’s changing environment, jobs are no longer secure and the focus is now on employability rather than job for life, so employees need to be continually acquiring new skills. Armstrong (2009, p. 4) defines Human Resource Management as a strategic, integrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and well-being of people working in an organization. Human Resource Management entails the strategic decisions made by management in respect to their employees and how these decisions affect the overall relationship (Beer et al, 1984).

One important aspect of the Human Resource function is Human Resource Planning (Hwang and Kogan, 2003). To have a competitive edge, organizations need a strategic plan, Pilbeam and Corbridge (2010, p. 91) states that ‘human resource planning is a strategic opportunity, contributes to strategic decisions and shapes the development of the organization’. Human Resource Planning can be defined as the forecasting of an organization’s human resource needs and the planning that is required in achieving those needs (Armstrong, 2009).

The success of any organization comes down to the performance of the individuals hired. Achieving optimum use of the organizations most valuable resource is the main outcome of human resource planning (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). A key aspect of human resource planning is the recruitment and selection process; this is fundamental in matching the best candidates to the right job for organizational success (Sutherland and Wöcke, 2011).

recruitment: not just filling vacancies
Organizations in today’s global economy are always looking to recruit and retain highly skilled employees. The most critical decisions organizations make is in the recruitment and selection of highly skilled employees (Sutherland and Jordaan, 1994). Recruitment is defined as attracting and engaging qualified applicants (within or outside of the organization) for existing vacancies (Absar, 2012). The recruiting of the right applicant is fundamental in maintaining competitive advantage and economies of scale for an organization. Role profiles are an integral part of the recruitment and process; it ultimately defines the purpose of the role and all its key areas (Armstrong, 2009). HR professionals must have the required sills and...
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