Employee relations

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BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business
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24. Employee Relations
Ms. Uzma Farooq

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Understand the context of employee relations against a
changing background & Understand the nature of
industrial conflict and its resolution
In this assignment students will distinguish between
unitary and pluralistic perspectives with reference to
employee relations, learn the changes that have affected
trade unionism and be able to explain the role of the main
players in employee relations. Also learn about
industrial/collective disputes and the procedures applied
in order to manage such conflicts and the effectiveness of
those procedures.

Assignment Brief

Assignment Task / Description:
Question 1 (L01, Assessment Criteria 1.1)
Outline the characteristics of the unitarist and pluralist ideologies in each of these areas: •

View of third party involvement in the Employee Relations

Question 2 (L01, Assessment Criteria 1.2)
Assess how changes in trade unionism have affected employee relations, essentially discussing the journey from ‘Industrial Relations’ to ‘Employee Relations’. Question 3 (L01, Assessment Criteria 1.3)

Explain the role of these players in employee relations:

Management within Organizations (HRM)
Trade Unions
Specialists (Staff Associations or Employer’s Associations) Third Parties (Government Advisory Bodies, Arbitration Committees and Judging Bodies)


Question 1 (L02, Assessment Criteria – 2.1. 2.2 & 2.3)
Collective Disputes typically involve issues such as pay expectations, conditions of employment, work or non-work related matters, job security or breach of contracts and negotiated agreements. Select two separate conflict situations which can occur in an organizational environment and individually...
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