Employee Portfolio Summary Mgt 311

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Employee Portfolio Summary Week 2 MGT 311

In week two, I had my sister and a friend take the assessments that I completed on myself last week. I enjoyed comparing the results that we all came up with. Each one of us was strong in certain areas and weaker in others. This is why it is important at a job to perform such assessments to help a manager see which employees can work together to complement each other and therefore being more productive.
As individuals, different employees will show different personalities and traits. For instance, when going through the assessments with Tammy, I found that she loses interest and becomes distracted easily. Then I found out that she actually has ADHD, an attention disorder. Working with her, one would want to give her simple tasks and small jobs that she can complete without becoming distracted. I also think if a manager is aware of this, he or she can be sure to redirect her as needed. This would increase her performance on the job.
Going over the assessments with Brenda, I find that she is somewhat of an overachiever. She appears to be happy, but when she took the emotional assessment, she is unaware of many of her own emotions. I think that learning to understand her own emotions will help her at work as well. She works in retail sales and understanding emotions and others is important. I would suggest that Brenda also learn some stress relief tips as being she is an overachiever and this often leads to increased stress. For instance, at work she may take on too much and although she knows she may not be able to complete it all. The manager can offer to help out or give her less if they are aware of this issue. This would be more productive for the company.
I think that learning about the personalities and traits of employees is important for managers. Learning the strengths and weaknesses will help a manager put employees together to work in teams to complement each other and make them more productive. I find it

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