Employee Performance in the Adidas Group

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Contents ________________________________________________________________________________________p.2

Introduction ____________________________________________________________________________________p.3

Presentation of the company
-the Adidas Group _____________________________________________________________________________p.3 -brands and products _________________________________________________________________________p.3 -strategies and values _____________________________________________________________________p.3, 4

Being a product line manager in the Adidas Group
- qualities and skills required to work for the Adidas group __________________________p.4 -qualities and skills more specific to a product line manager _________________________p.4

Relevant theoretical concept: the charismatic leadership model -main qualities and skills _____________________________________________________________________p.5 -limitations and potential disadvantages of a charismatic leader ___________________p.5

Theory vs. practice analysis
-the various similarities between a charismatic leader and a product line manager ____________________________________________________________________________________________________p.6 -nevertheless, several characteristics differ between theory and practice ______p.6, 7

Conclusion ______________________________________________________________________________________p.7 Bibliography_________________________________________________________________________________p.8, 9

Leaders are essential for a firm to be successful: a leader develops, innovates, inspires trust, focuses on people and is turned toward future. A lot of theory talks about the traits of a successful leader, about his behaviours etc... and differentiates several categories of leaders. I work as a product line manager (PLM) for Adidas, responsible for the marketing of the football goods, more precisely on the French market. Throughout this essay, I’ll first introduce my company briefly, then I’ll talk about the skills and qualities required to be a product line manager working for Adidas and those belonging to a charismatic leader by summarising and analysing what the theory says, and finally I’ll try to compare and to contrast this theory with the practice.

1. Presentation of the company (533 words)
The story of Adidas started in 1920, when Adi Dassler produced his first shoes, at the age of 20, just after the first World War. The group is now directed by Herbert Hainer

1.2 The Adidas Group
The Adidas Group now employs more than 31 000 people from more than 150 countries. 2600 employees are working at the company’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach (Germany). The Executive Board is composed of four members. Each member reflects the “diversity and internationality” of the Group, and is responsible for a major business area within the Group. The group is obviously a global leader in the sportswear industry, represented in markets all over the world. 1.3 Brands and products

Today, the Adidas product range includes the original footwear of course, but also a wide range of apparel and accessories for every kind of sport. “Running, football, basketball and training” are the priority markets that the group is targeting. The group is composed of three brands. Reebok and Adidas both provide footwear, apparel equipment and accessories, whereas TaylorMade offers all kinds of Golf equipment (“metal woods, irons putters, golf balls, footwear, apparel and accessories”). 1.4 Strategy and values

Performance is obviously a core value: the group’s main aim and strategy is to provide athletes (professional as well as amateur) with the...

Bibliography: -Charismatic leaders are great for projects that require energy and talent, such as sports-related tasks —these activities could be very successful when led by a charismatic person(Conger and Kanungo, 1998).
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