Employee Orientation

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Employee Orientation and Training Programs Orientation is a meeting or the formal activity that specifically prepares employees for working in particular organization and working environment. An orientation meeting can be formal, with several new hires in a conference room, or it can be informal, with the supervisor or another employee on a one-on-one basis. An orientation for new employees can be a advantage to both the employee and the employers. Some of those advantages include the following;
• Orientation meetings allows new employees to hit the ground running. If they have clear understanding of the organization, their positions, and the community, they can jump into their jobs immediately and start to make a difference. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• It introduces new employees with confidence in both their own ability to be effective because they know they have the information and contacts they need and the organization which has had the foresight to provide them with that background, and make them feel part of the operation. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• It improves the possibility through facilitating a good start and providing appropriate background that people will do a good job over the long term and stay longer with the organization. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• It makes life easier for other employees in the organization, by eliminating the need for new staff members to ask them constantly for information and advice. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• It enfolds the new employees into an existing social structure, thereby helping them to feel comfortable and to bond with other employees, and at the same time helping to improve the organizational climate. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• By familiarizing new employees with the organizational culture, it increases the chances that they will fit well into the organization and absorb and become part of that culture. (Rabinowitz, 2014)
• By making staff knowledgeable and better prepared, it builds the organization's reputation in the

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