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There are two main ways how you can inspire your employees: by changing your own behavior to be more inspirational, and by creating conditions for your employees that increase their motivation. Below are some ideas for both techniques. Become an inspiring person yourself by doing the following:

Be passionate about the goals of the organization, show emotion, and generate enthusiasm for these in your employees. Connect with your employees by showing real interest in them and finding out what motivates and inspires them, and actively looking for their ideas and opinions. Be somewhat unconventional and take personal risks, by doing things differently and operating outside ‘normal’ organizational boundaries and outside your comfort zone, and letting your employees do the same. Make sure inspirational moments are succeeded by follow on actions, so your employees see that you act upon your inspiration. Be engaging and a team person, and regularly express to your employees it is all about “we” and not about “I” Become a “storyteller” who is able to package messages in an appealing form that captivates employees. How to motivate employees, too

Create motivational conditions for your employees, by doing the following: Paint your employees an attractive picture of the future of the organization and their place in it and provide the rationale why certain goals have to be pursued. Give your employees interesting and meaningful work that challenges and vitalizes them. This work should require them to do things differently, with more risk and uncertainty, which gets them out of their comfort zone. Set stretch goals for your employees and give them more responsibilities and freedom to schedule their own work, while including the possibility of setbacks that they will have to overcome. Provide your employees with the possibility to get into contact with the beneficiaries of their work, i.e. the customers, so they can see the results of their work. Employee Motivation - The 5 Master Keys for Success

Employee motivation is a mystery for many managers. But, it doesn't have to be. Instead, understanding how motivation impacts employee performance, and understanding how to use motivation to improve performance can be reduced to five master keys. Organizations desiring to improve employee motivation need a system in place that consistently rewards employee achievements. I'm always surprised how few organizations have such a system. 

However, not all employees respond to the same motivations. Each person has his or her own likes and dislikes, passions, interests and desires. The role of the successful manager is to learn how to identify what motivates each employee, and learn how to leverage those motives to simultaneously fulfill the goals of the organization, as well as the goals of each employee. 

The five key employee motivation factors include: satisfaction, appreciation, recognition, inspiration and compensation. 1. Employee Motivation By Building Satisfaction
In their book "The Service Profit Chain," James Heskett, W. Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger make a compelling case that regardless your business, the only way to generate sustained profits is to build a work environment that attracts, focuses, and keeps talented employees. In other words, they have to be motivated to show up, get committed and perform at a level of excellence. 

Employee motivation as it relates to employees satisfaction is vitally important. And, it goes way beyond just a "happier workforce." Why? 

Because there is an undeniable link between satisfied, motivated employees, and satisfied customers. In other words, focus on creating satisfied employees, focus on employee motivation, and those motivated, satisfied employees will take care of your customers. 

2. Employee Motivation Through Genuine Appreciation
At times, managers unknowingly sabotage employee motivation by failing to recognize the positive behaviors and...
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