Employee Information System

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The Employee and Payroll Systems  objective is to provide a system which manages the employee details, the Payroll activity  done  in a company depending upon the employees attendance and its calculation which is very huge. The users will consume less amount of time through computerised system rather than working manually. The system will take care of all the payroll activities like managing each employee’s attendance, the number of leaves taken by that particular employee and calculation in a very quick manner and it avoids Data storing is easier. Paper work will be reduced and the company staffs spend more time on monitoring the progress.The system is user friendly and easy to use. All the important data’s will be stored in the database and it avoids any miscalculation. Scope:

This project is helpful in maintaining the employee’s record, calculating the salary for each employee and it also focuses on each employee’s attendance and the no of leaves taken per month/year. There is also a possibility of checking salary report at any time so that it doesn’t lead to any miscalculation. PROJECT CATEGORY:

Stand Alone Application
The “Employee and Payroll System “is based on maintaining each employee records and calculating his/her salary depending on the workdays. The first activity is based on saving the employees details where each employee will be given a unique Employee ID.Now based on the no of days an employee attended per month, salary will be calculated by checking the no of workdays of a company and his/her basic salary and a separate salary slip will be provided for reference. Admin has the authority to add employee details. And he also has the right to edit or delete employee information to/from the list. Admin provides a unique username and password for each employee through which he can login all the information’s are being saved in the database. Modules:

  Account Configuration:
         Employee: When a new employee joins...
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