Employee Health Analysis and Improvements

Topics: Occupational health psychology, Repetitive strain injury, Mental health Pages: 5 (1406 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Report on Employee Health Analysis| November 16
A detailed analysis regarding the health related issues of Data entry operators where a possible structure of problems and solutions are given after analyzing the data of 50 clerical staffs.| Avijit Mitra MHRM 12HS60007|

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Problem Analysis5

Staff welfare is an important facility provided by companies to their employees to keep their motivation levels high. Organizations frame many approaches to ensure health and safety of their employees. But not all of the approaches focus on contribution of both work design and employee welfare. Many organizational and individual issues emerge in management of employee health and safety. With successful implementation of Employee welfare facilities it can be ensured that employees are monitoring and addressing health issues with resultant benefits of reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and reduced injury rates.

A manufacturing facility in Mumbai employs three data entry operators who work full time entering the records related to production, personnel, and inventory data into the computer.  As required by the labour agreement, in addition to a one-hour break as part of the lunch period, these three operators receive two 15 minutes break daily; they may take them at any convenient time, once in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  Otherwise, they generally work at their keyboards all day. One of the operators was absent from work for two weeks for a condition diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome, a neuromuscular disorder of the tendons and tissues in the wrists caused by repeated hand motions.  His symptoms included a severe ache in the wrist and ever growing pain in the neck and shoulder. However, after a week, a second data entry operator experienced similar symptoms; his doctor diagnosed his ailment as ‘RSI or repetitive stress injury’ and referred to it informally as the VDT (Video Display Terminal) disease. With more data entry operators to be hired, Ramesh Chauhan asked his assistant, Sandeep Kaul, to gather additional information on this condition. He wants Sandeep to make any appropriate recommendations regarding the work environment -- posture, furniture, work habits, rest breaks, and the like -- that will alleviate this problem.

Preparation of Detailed Analysis
Complete method took three stages to assess mental stress of the employees. Before the actual analysis, employees were informed about the course of the proceedings. On the basis of general information about the company including the corporate structure, descriptions of work tasks, work time regulations, and rules on internal communications a set of questionnaire was prepared. Stress Analysis: Observation and Structured Analysis

Specific questions were asked to employees to understand their work tasks and working situation. In addition employees were asked about cooperation with other departments, frequency of specific activities, or organizational arrangements in order to better describe the conditions of the job in detail. Evaluation and Recommendations

After the stress analysis many problems are identified due to the mental demand of the job. A detailed policy recommendation is constructed to selectively reduce areas of psychological stress which was identified in the organization.

* Determining the requirements of organizational stress analysis * Getting an objective assessment of the mental demands of jobs in the organization * Using the analysis to improve productivity reducing the psychological stress * Determining the readiness of employees to join stressful job like data entry

Problem Analysis
Physical Work Settings The physical settings of work affect the performance of employees to a great extent. Some of these factors include...
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