Employee Growth and Development

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Growth and Development
Many companies provide opportunities for employee training, but sometimes that is not enough. Managers and leaders must ensure that the environment is suited for learning, developing the careers of their employees, and collaboration in determining the needs of the employee. An environment that fosters employee growth and development is imperative in today’s workplace and can improve employee satisfaction. We will look at Robert Stringer’s climate dimensions and how they can contribute to an environment of growth and development. (10) According to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, “Opportunities for Promotion and Internal Career Advancement” are opportunities for employee growth and development. A company, or an organization within a company, concerned with employee retention will have a growth and development process that will provide employees with the learning opportunities and the ability to advance their career within their current employer. This ability to advance within a company will also motivate employees to do their best work. Employees that have clear, specific performance goals to reach can be successful and have the ability to improve their organizational status. Organizational structure can also dictate the amount of internal and external learning opportunities that are available to employees. CSC has an extensive organizational structure and provides hundreds, if not thousands, of learning opportunities for its employees. CSC provides the entire course for the Project Management Professional certification. As you may know, this course involves approximately 120 hours of training classes I was able to successfully complete all of the training courses and successfully passed the Project Management Professional certification test. All of the training was provided internally, free of charge and I found this very motivating. The PMP certification opened up another career path for me within CSC. This...

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